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Friends come and friends go.  We love them, we cherish them, we hate them, we fight with them, they’re loyal, they’re fake.  Friendships can take us on the biggest roller coaster rides of our lives.  Thrilling, exhilarating rides, spills and tumbles.  Friends hold our hearts in the palm of their hands.  Like all relationships, friends are in our lives to stretch us, test us, train us or learn from us.  And like all relationships, friends are in our lives for a season . . . sometimes a life-time, and sometimes mere months.  They can enter our lives when we’re five or six, or when we’re 55 or 56.  However long they’re in our lives, we thank God for them and all the joy/knowledge/growth/experience they bring us.

What would life be like without a REAL FRIEND, a BESTIE?  Besties leave our lives so much more enriched than before they entered. Friends on pier

After I moved to D.C., my “Bestie” was (and still is) Joyce Bruce, a woman who stood in the middle of a fight between me and my ex-husband and threatened to kick his behind for insulting me.  She was a five foot, one inch dynamo.  He was over 6 feet.  Her ferocity frightened him and he left.  LOL!!!!

BESTIES is all about celebrating love . . . not sexual love, but true-friend love for your girl, your bestest, bestest gal pal.  You know, the one who’ll walk in the rain with you; who’ll share her umbrella with you; who’ll straighten you out when she sees you acting stupid; who’ll visit you in the hospital; get you groceries when you’re sick;, take care of your kids like they’re her own; cry with you over the break-up of your marriage; help you move out of your apartment and loan you money.  We’re talking love for that friend who always, ALWAYS has your back.

So, ladies, pick up pen and jot us a paragraph (or two) celebrating that one true friend who “shared her umbrella” with you.  We want to feature her here on Besties.  Send us a picture of you and that best friend (or, just a picture of her), and allow us to celebrate her as well.

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Patricia Webb is now an Angel in Heaven but she was also an Angel on earth. She was my sister, my confidant, my best friend. We were inseparable. We worked together, we played together, we prayed together. I have so many great memories of the good times we shared and I will carry her in my heart forever. Rest in peace my dear sister and know that you will always, always be loved!…..Lillie Lewis

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